Friday, November 13, 2009

50% off!

for a limited time everything at Gypsy Love Fashions is 1/2 off! get yours now while the getting is good!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i think i got my groove back! yea baby!

so i think a lot of my worries about what im doing came from money and the lack there of, and the need/want to do this big photo shoot. i had all these drawing of what i wanted to do, but when i went to the fabric store i realized that i would be spending tons of money i don't have. it got me down. it made me not want to sew. i have tons of fabric from estate sales and whatnot and im going to figure out a way to use what i have. as Tim Gunn says "make it work!" i still want to make the clothing that i sketched out but ill do it when i can. the idea isn't going anywhere! sometimes i get to into something that i loose track of the big picture!
so i am ready to start working on the 2010 spring line!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

the ballon is deflating

im in need of inspiration! i have had no desire to create anything in a minute. its hard to justify spending tons of money of fabric and supplies when i haven't quite found my place in the market. so do i choose to start making custom sizes? i tried to do stuff in a variety of sizes but its not a guarantee that what is your size you will like right? however if i make custom sizes that means i will not be able to make as many unique things, which is the part that i love about it. where do i go from here. im not giving up! ive been doing this on and off since 2002. i just keep reinventing. trying it out to see how something works. if i fail i get back up dust myself off and try something else. how do i make money at this. not to brag, but i know my stuff is good. so why does it not sell? anyone have any ideas. so i can reinvent myself once again. how do all these other people make money on etsy. ive seen a lot of crap in my opinion and im wondering how they are selling and i am not? im venting yes, but i also want to see some responses! obviously im doing something wrong so i want to hear what everyone else thinks!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


So in case you guys didn't notice. has a new look! yea!!! I have done away with my news feed. i feel some things are redundant and i can just tell you how and what in my blog! that is the 7 of you who read it! lol. At any rate i just wanted to thank everyone who came to see me this weekend at Renegade! i was in a great mood today and marked everything 1/2 off for the day, which in turn gave me many sales. i was a little sad to see some of my hard work go for the price, but better the clothing go to a home than sit on my clothing rack. this also frees up some space so i can make lots of new things! because i sold so many things i had to remove a lot of my things from etsy, which means i need to add more items! i am on a much needed vacation till oct 1st. so i will not be adding anything until after that time. so just sit tight and relax! there is more to come!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

where are the themes?

in case you are wondering why i haven't done any new themed work, it cause i am trying to use up fabric that i have! i have tons of vintage fabrics that are only enough to make one item. so for the time being im going to use up what i have! have no fear i will still make really cute things, and will return to my themed work once i have used up all i can.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Quality vs Quantity

ok so im going to bitch a fit for a min. i want to talk about how i feel about some of the reaction i got toward the price of my clothing. my general price range is 40-60 for one of a kind items that i put a lot of time into. i was a vendor at pitchfork this weekend and i over herd allot of conversations about how the price was too much. 60 dollars for a dress that one of a kind, vintage fabric with boning and lining? really? too much? have people become so accustom to getting there h & m, wear a few times and toss cause i bought it for $12 clothing. im not a sweat shop! it takes me hrs to make something! ME!!!! all by myself. i work a 9-5 come home at 6 and put hrs into my clothing cause i want people to have cute things. but these cute things come with a price! i try and find deals where i can to cut the cost as much as possible! but i can only go so low on a price before im not getting anything back for it! if anyone is reading this blog, when you go to craft fairs your getting one of a kind items. no one else on the planet is going to own. yes it is worth paying a bit more for for a quality item then a top that is mass produced shipped all over the world and you and about 1000 other people on the planet own it!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inspiration for my big belts.

Belts were all over the runway this season and i had to jump on the bandwagon!
here is some of my favorites.... i will post pictures of some of my hot belts later today!

my belts.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ach meine Güte.

hello all! it appears i am still writing to myself at this point you should really subscribe to my blog yo! anyways i wanted to tell you all my new amusement. ok so i got a fashion pattern magazine! yea!!! there are a couple of really cute patterns in here! im excited! i was going to scan in a page for you to see. but the whole magazine is in German. this is the link that i bought it from...
magazine! i can kind of understand German. but when i put it in the online translator this is what i get.

Front parts respectively so fold that the take in lines on each other appropriate, right side interior.

this is the first sentence from the directions.... hahaha. its a good thing im not a beginner cause that makes no sense! i need to find a little old German lady who wants to come over and translate to me as im sewing! anyways this should be entertaining! ill be sure to post pics as i go!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

the big dilemma!

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my first blog for my website which is being launched in the next day or so. You may have noticed that i go by both gypsy love fashions and gypsy love fashion! this is not a typo!!! This is actually something i have gone back and forth on since i started my clothing line. My thought process on this was each article of clothing is one piece of fashion. It is also my name like Louis Vuitton! It is the fashion of Gypsy Love. However it is a collection of pieces and more then one, so as a whole it is fashions! Oh the dilemma! All of my tags up till this point just have fashion and i am not sure i should switch? I don't know what do you think?