Monday, July 13, 2009

Ach meine Güte.

hello all! it appears i am still writing to myself at this point you should really subscribe to my blog yo! anyways i wanted to tell you all my new amusement. ok so i got a fashion pattern magazine! yea!!! there are a couple of really cute patterns in here! im excited! i was going to scan in a page for you to see. but the whole magazine is in German. this is the link that i bought it from...
magazine! i can kind of understand German. but when i put it in the online translator this is what i get.

Front parts respectively so fold that the take in lines on each other appropriate, right side interior.

this is the first sentence from the directions.... hahaha. its a good thing im not a beginner cause that makes no sense! i need to find a little old German lady who wants to come over and translate to me as im sewing! anyways this should be entertaining! ill be sure to post pics as i go!

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