Monday, July 20, 2009

Quality vs Quantity

ok so im going to bitch a fit for a min. i want to talk about how i feel about some of the reaction i got toward the price of my clothing. my general price range is 40-60 for one of a kind items that i put a lot of time into. i was a vendor at pitchfork this weekend and i over herd allot of conversations about how the price was too much. 60 dollars for a dress that one of a kind, vintage fabric with boning and lining? really? too much? have people become so accustom to getting there h & m, wear a few times and toss cause i bought it for $12 clothing. im not a sweat shop! it takes me hrs to make something! ME!!!! all by myself. i work a 9-5 come home at 6 and put hrs into my clothing cause i want people to have cute things. but these cute things come with a price! i try and find deals where i can to cut the cost as much as possible! but i can only go so low on a price before im not getting anything back for it! if anyone is reading this blog, when you go to craft fairs your getting one of a kind items. no one else on the planet is going to own. yes it is worth paying a bit more for for a quality item then a top that is mass produced shipped all over the world and you and about 1000 other people on the planet own it!

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