Sunday, September 13, 2009


So in case you guys didn't notice. has a new look! yea!!! I have done away with my news feed. i feel some things are redundant and i can just tell you how and what in my blog! that is the 7 of you who read it! lol. At any rate i just wanted to thank everyone who came to see me this weekend at Renegade! i was in a great mood today and marked everything 1/2 off for the day, which in turn gave me many sales. i was a little sad to see some of my hard work go for the price, but better the clothing go to a home than sit on my clothing rack. this also frees up some space so i can make lots of new things! because i sold so many things i had to remove a lot of my things from etsy, which means i need to add more items! i am on a much needed vacation till oct 1st. so i will not be adding anything until after that time. so just sit tight and relax! there is more to come!!!

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