Thursday, October 29, 2009

the ballon is deflating

im in need of inspiration! i have had no desire to create anything in a minute. its hard to justify spending tons of money of fabric and supplies when i haven't quite found my place in the market. so do i choose to start making custom sizes? i tried to do stuff in a variety of sizes but its not a guarantee that what is your size you will like right? however if i make custom sizes that means i will not be able to make as many unique things, which is the part that i love about it. where do i go from here. im not giving up! ive been doing this on and off since 2002. i just keep reinventing. trying it out to see how something works. if i fail i get back up dust myself off and try something else. how do i make money at this. not to brag, but i know my stuff is good. so why does it not sell? anyone have any ideas. so i can reinvent myself once again. how do all these other people make money on etsy. ive seen a lot of crap in my opinion and im wondering how they are selling and i am not? im venting yes, but i also want to see some responses! obviously im doing something wrong so i want to hear what everyone else thinks!

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  1. Just keep doing and promoting what it is that you like. Eventually and audience will be found.