Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life on hold.

Where is my spring line your wondering? Or maybe not! I was working on my line for months and then my mother passed away. I was so overwhelmed i could not bring myself to do much of anything. Then weeks later i had hip surgery. Doctor's orders are that i can sit at no more than a 30 % incline and no weight on the right side. this means no sewing. My recovery time is 16 weeks. So i have decided to put the spring line aside until next year. Im still doing vending booths this summer at Pitchfork and Renegade but there wont be much of anything new. Some belts and other things that i can sew by hand, while i sit in bed recovering. Everything is overwhelming and heartbreaking. It's the new things that keep people coming back to my site. However im just one person running the whole show. I work slow cause i have a limited budget and even less time. I have a day job and a life outside of this. Its hard to juggle everything. So since i have another 13 weeks of recovery i will start sketching for a fall winter line. hopefully by the time im better i will have enough time to get some new things out into this world before the end of 2010.

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